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Working closely with our global partner companies, the collaboration and development enables us to provide total engineered packages to ensure the best solutions are offered to our customers via world class equipment and services for the worldwide corrugated & conversion Industry.

Baviera  Suppliers of world class steam systems.

GKD – BLUEBACKER Double Backer Belts utilising innovative mesh technology.

JB Machinery  IR Drying and UV Curing Systems for the Modern Boxmaker.

Renova – Mastering Moisture Control, Web Tension Control and Heavy Load Handling for seamless operations.

SRP Europe – Manufacturers of high quality starch kitchens for >20 years.

Tiruña  Corrugating Rolls, Pressure Rolls, Glue & Doctor Rolls.

Weducon Supplier of the Corrucleaner® the ultimate web cleaning solution.

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