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Double Backer Heat Transfer System

Increased Corrugator Speed    Reduced Waste    Superior Patented Design    Replaces Weight Rolls & Shoe Systems   Efficient Heat Transfer    Consistent Quality



5% – 25%


0.5% – 2%

Throughput Increase

2% – 8%

“From the first day in operation with AirBond we reduced steam and increased corrugator speed resulting in flat boards.”

The AirBond Double Backer Heat Transfer System is manufactured using folded aluminium, providing maximum rigidity. The shoes are made from high quality stainless steel to enable consistent and even surface pressure contact to be applied and therefore even heat transfer across the width of the heating plates. With multiple installations around the world on old and new Corrugators AirBond leads the way in efficient Double Backer Heat Transfer.

Why AirBond?

A key feature is the specially designed shoes that enable moisture removal through the body of the AirBond which is further enhanced when utilising plastic belts. The system enables efficient bonding throughout the curing process with higher running speeds and enhanced, consistent board quality. It features variable loading control to ensure efficient bonding of all board grade combinations, from the very lightest right through to the heaviest. A unique benefit of the AirBond system is its ability to consistently provide even and accurate heat transfer as it has no internal mechanical linkages or springs and hence very low maintenance. It is compatible with all types of double backer systems and belts. A standard AirBond installation can typically be completed over a single weekend.

Advantages of AirBond

  • Proven superior technical design

  • Retro fit to replace weight rolls, shoe systems etc

  • Increased corrugator speeds

  • Consistent board quality

  • Reduced steam and starch consumption

  • Moisture removal capability

  • Fast installation

  • Compatible with any flute or grade combination

  • Low maintenance and running costs

  • Fast return on investment

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