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 Double Backer Entry Weight Roller System 

Increased Corrugator Speed    Lower Maintenance    Superior Patented Design    Fast installation   Lower running costs    Improved Quality Bond

 Positive contact giving an improved initial nip 

 Avoids any
of the webs 

overall bond 

“Engineered to fit an any Double Backer over one weekend providing a fast return on investment.”

 RollerBond is an independent weight roller system designed to provide the required pressure at the crucial Double Backer entry nip point where the papers and fluting are combined forming the single, double or triple wall profile.

Why RollerBond?

 The RollerBond system is particularly effective when producing heavy-weight Double Wall or Triple Wall grades where the initial nip is of increased importance and the finest glue lines are required. Heavy-duty precision engineered solid steel rolls are mounted in a robust sub frame to enable easy installation on all makes of Double Backers. Designed to provide the correct pressure for effective bonding, preventing poor contact and potential ‘double-kiss‘ issues.  Fitted with pneumatic lifting cylinders to enable lifting and lowering.


The RollerBond system has an indexing adjustment facility to enable the site to index the unit every few months to even-out any hotplate wear that may occur as a result of the high loading pressure the solid rolls will provide. 

Advantages of RollerBond

  • Improved initial nip and bond

  • Effective on any flute or grade combinations

  • No ‘double-kissing‘ of webs

  • Can be raised or lowered to assist feeding

  • Retrofit to any make of Double Backer

  • Proven superior technical design

  • Fast installation

  • Low maintenance and running costs

  • Fast return on investment

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